Elect Charles Rolbiecki for Winona County Sheriff

The New Generation of Helpful, Friendly Service


The values of commitment, transparency, and leadership have been, and remain, the foundation of my entire 22-year law enforcement career.  During this time, I have proudly served communities in a variety of roles such as detention deputy, deputy sheriff, water patrol supervisor, and leader of the civil processing unit. Coupled with my criminal justice education, the variety of duties has not only allowed me to experience every aspect of law enforcement but has also given me the opportunity to assist and build relationships with citizens, community leaders, and peers in the law enforcement and court administration industries. Referred to as the “go to guy” for training, problem solving, and implementing new initiatives, my experience, versatility, communication style, and leadership capabilities make me a vital asset to Winona County.

Born and raised in Winona County, my number one goal is to implement a new generation of helpful, friendly service that centers around the capacity for people to feel and be safe.  This will be achieved through my dedication and commitment to Winona County and our citizens, ability to be truthful and transparent, and capacity to effectively communicate and lead with integrity.  It has been my privilege to serve Winona County and our citizens for the past 14 years and I embrace the opportunity to become your next Winona County Sheriff.