Elect Charles Rolbiecki for Winona County Sheriff

Rod Nelson

Retired Captain- Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office
Retired attorney- Lommen, Nelson, Stageberg, and Cole
Retired college professor- Concordia University, North Hennepin Community College, Hennepin Technical College, Minneapolis Community College

To the people of Winona County,

For the past 40 years and during all my previous careers, I have been the primary civil process instructor for the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association.  Minnesota statutes MANDATE that all the 87 county Sheriffs carry out civil process duties.  This area of the Sheriffs’ role is very complicated and the Sheriff can be held liable when mistakes are made.  During the past 3 years, 2 Sheriffs’ around the state have paid out $75,000.00 and $15,000.00 respectively for mistakes made in the civil process area.

When Charles was transferred to the civil unit, he has frequently attended my training classes and called me when faced with a complicated issue that he recognized that may create a liability.  He wanted to ensure he took the proper course of action so as to avoid liability to the residents of Winona County.

I am sure as your Sheriff he will carry out ALL the duties as Sheriff in the same thoughtful manner to avoid liability while respecting the rights of all.

Sincerely submitted,

Rod Nelson

Retired Winona County Investigator Kraig Glover

Letter of Endorsement for Charles Rolbiecki for Winona County Sheriff

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of endorsement for Winona County Deputy Charles Rolbiecki in his quest to be your next Winona County Sheriff.

I first met Charles while he worked at his family’s business known by many as “Bass Camp” and I recognized that he was a very dedicated employee with great customer service skills.   I had frequent conversations with Charles as he worked various rolls at the resort and it was obvious to me then, as it is now, that Charles was a helpful, natural born leader.

Once Charles was hired by the Winona County Sheriff’s Office I was able to see firsthand how much he was really dedicated to the county, its citizens and those traveling through it.  Charles was always hard working, helpful to all, honest and fair.

As an investigator for the Winona County Sheriff’s Office, I was ALWAYS impressed by the way Charles handled every aspect about his work. Charles was willing put in the extra effort during any call for service or in dealing with any concern from the general public and he handled every situation with due care and diligence.

Charles has held multiple rolls in his law enforcement career and has proven himself to be a definite asset to the department in leading both the Water Patrol Division and the Civil Process Division.  These positions require a massive amount dedication, organizational skills, and open and honest communication skills.  As far as I am concerned, in the 30 years I worked in law enforcement, (10 years for St. Charles Police Dept. and 20 years for Winona County Sheriff’s Office) no one has done more for these two divisions and dedicated themselves to Winona County as Charles Rolbiecki has.

Charles has brought both of divisions up to date and has been able to make each division run smoother and be better organized which was no easy task. Charles did so while still preforming his duties as a deputy on top of it.

Charles has gained the experience required to be a great leader through his dedicated hard work from when he was a teenager on through adulthood and has taken every opportunity possible to further his law enforcement education which will assist him in the future.

In the multiple unfortunate events that have occurred recently involving law enforcement just in Minnesota alone (May 25 2020 and April 11 2021), it is even more evident that change in law enforcement practices, policies, training and transparency is needed.  With that being said, I believe that Winona County is in need of leadership change itself and that Charles Rolbiecki is the answer for that change. I believe Charles will provide the leadership necessary to bring the sheriff’s office up to date in policy changes, training/procedure change and honest and transparent communication and bring the department up to date to better serve all.

I wish Charles Rolbiecki the best of luck in his bid for Winona County Sheriff.

Retired Winona County Investigator Kraig Glover

Winona Police Officer Derek Lanning

Dear Voters of Winona County,

It is with great pleasure that I offer my support and endorsement of Charlie Rolbiecki for Sheriff of Winona County. I have known Charlie for over fifteen years and have worked closely with him.  I have seen first-hand Charlie’s devotion to his current position, fair treatment of all, and his strength of character. Over the years working with Charlie, I have seen his relentless work ethic, moral concern for the people of the County he serves and his endless professional attitude. His dedication to Winona County is nothing short of outstanding.

Charlie is an intelligent and highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic and proven track record of success in Winona County and beyond. He is known and respected throughout the County as someone who passionately cares for the community, is willing to go the extra mile and making the County a safe and respectable place to live with your families.

Charlie’s strong family value and deep sense of commitment drives him always to do more and go further for his community which for over the past decade has also included extensive law enforcement training and experience. Knowing about Charlie’s training and his passion for law enforcement, I truly believe that this will help propel Winona County’s Sheriff’s department into a premiere Department recognized throughout the State.

I consider it a privilege and an honor to be affiliated with Charlie and to provide this recommendation for his election to the office of Sheriff of Winona County.


Winona Police Officer Derek Lanning

Jeff Singer Retired Shift Commander Winona County Sheriff’s Office

I have known Deputy Sheriff Charles Rolbiecki for 15 years.

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Deputy Rolbiecki prior to my retirement from Winona County in 2019.

Deputy Rolbiecki is very professional.  His experience, integrity and dedication in addition to his empathy for the public makes him an excellent candidate for Winona County Sheriff.

I offer my support without reservation to Deputy Rolbiecki in his bid to become the next Sheriff of Winona County in this upcoming November election.

Jeff Singer
Retired Shift Commander
Winona County Sheriff’s Office

Allan Johnson Retired Winona Police Dept.

I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Deputy Charles Rolbiecki since 2005.

Deputy Rolbiecki is a people person, and a person who cares about the needs of others.  I have seen him interact with people in the community both on and off duty, and he has always been respectful, understanding, attentive, and treats everyone with dignity.

Charles has always displayed integrity, professionalism, and dedication to the Sheriff’s Office.  Deputy Rolbiecki is also very ethical in all the aspects of the profession.  He is hard working and will go above and beyond the call of duty and what is expected of him on a daily basis.

Deputy Rolbiecki having roots in the county for a period of several years, even before being hired as Deputy Sheriff, also makes him an excellent candidate for the Sheriff position.  He knows the area, what people need in a leader for Winona County, and can relate to anyone as a knowledgeable and approachable figure in the county.

It is without reservation that I offer my support for Deputy Rolbiecki in his bid to become the next Winona County Sheriff in the upcoming election.  The citizens of the county would be blessed to have Deputy Rolbiecki as their leader.

Allan Johnson

Retired Winona Police Dept.

St. Charles (MN) Police Officer Robbie Floerke

To the residents/voters of Winona County,

I am writing this letter to show my support and endorsement for Charlie Rolbiecki to be your next Sheriff of Winona County.  I have known Charlie for over 10 plus years through my time working for the St. Charles Police Department.  While working alongside Charlie, I have seen firsthand his work ethic and compassion while assisting the citizens of Winona County and the many other individuals that come through the county to visit.  I also know that when I am on shift with Charlie, he is always willing to offer his assistance for help if I may need it.

I feel that Charlie will strive to make Winona County a safe and respectable place to live, through his experience and dedication to the citizens of Winona County.  With that said it gives me great pride and excitement to support and place my vote for Charlie come this November for the position of Winona County Sheriff.


St. Charles (MN) Police Officer Robbie Floerke

Danielle Louise Leukam, Rape Survivor and President / Founder of WISH

Winona County Voters,

In my eyes, Winona County Deputy Charles Rolbiecki is a hero. He was an asset to the investigation after I was raped by an unknown, armed, masked man back in 2018 in St. Charles, MN. I’m thankful he was part of the investigation and I’m thankful he continues to do what he does with law enforcement. I know that with all cases he is involved in, other victims like me will have the best outcome they can from a law enforcement standpoint.

Deputy Rolbiecki shows up for the community. I was excited to see him at the Sexual Assault Awareness Month Walk in Winona in April of 2022. His appearance proves his support for advocating against sexual violence and violence against women.

Furthermore, when I applied for a grant for my nonprofit organization, Deputy Rolbiecki didn’t hesitate to go above and beyond to show support for my work. In fact, I look forward to working with him in the future to make Winona County a safer place. I know that he will make great efforts and progress in the safety of Winona County citizens. Because of this, I give my full support to Deputy Rolbiecki as Winona County’s next Winona County Sheriff.

In solidarity,

Danielle Louise Leukam

Rape Survivor and President / Founder of WISH: We Inspire Survivor Healing, INC.